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That what happens inside the favela is their own business and does not affect those who live outside.The movie also shows the critical role of parents in the lives of growing teenagers.Rome having been stormed and sacked by the Goths under Alaric their king.

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Thus racial segregation is partially ascertained by the higher numbers of non-whites in poorer socio-economic groups.For instance, the movie shows that one has to kill his rival in order to survive in the society (Thornberry, 2004).

Alongside the theme of choice, the film raises the questions of what options children who grow up in this environment have for survival.City of God (2003, Fernando Meirelles, Brasil) film on - City of God (2003, Fernando Meirelles, online marketplace for students.We view him preventing Ze from shooting those who owe him money, his kindness in letting people out of debts owed to him, his desire to give Rocket a camera to pursue his dreams, and intimate scenes with his girlfriend.In this plan the southern beachside areas of Ipanema, Leblon and Gavea were reserved for the upper classes, while the working classes were relegated to the suburbs, and the first plans for total eradication of the favelas were made.

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The movie proves that people can survive and lead a responsible life despite the most unbearable and dangerous circumstances that surround them.The movie also unveils the relationship between poverty and juvenile delinquency.

Rocket manages to live an honest and responsible life despite the terrorizing gang that surrounded his vicinity.The movie unveils the influence and the impact the society exerts on an individual and the consequent choice of life he decides to live.The movie shows us how the recruitment drive for inductees to the life of crime is done at a very early age.One of the most shocking and criticised features of the film is its portrayal of violence executed by young children in the favela.

This again is a manifestation that we are all capable of living a socially responsible life despite the economic hardships and societal challenges that we are exposed to.

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Get help with your Vancouver referencing with our free online tool.The social background to which one belongs, therefore, should be reviewed critically and thoughtfully because it defines the behavior of an individual in most instances.Which raises the question: Did this film glorify life in the favelas, or did it depict a realistic perspective of reality.The movie shows ascertains that the environment in terms of the people who surround him plays a major role in the molding of that particular person into either a responsible and law-abiding citizen or a criminal and a lawless citizen.

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Violence towards favela inhabitants can be seen as the result of a mixture of public attitudes towards criminal activity and middle and upper class attitudes towards favela inhabitants coupled with a police system which effectively serves only the elite.They sold their guns to the gang of criminals and made exorbitant profits at the expense of the security of the slum dwellers.We are faced with his indecision coupled with his detachment from the situation he is placed in.

For example, teenagers will need guidance and counseling on many social problems and challenges that they have to face in their daily lives.

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The youth fall prey to the temptation of joining the gang groups and their lives as a result become wasted and stunted.

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Furthermore, the movie highlights two ideologies that have been presented in the story line to great effect.

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The apprenticeship for teenage boys starts by stealing, looting, robbing people off their belongings and gradually progressing to more dangerous acts such as murder, extortion and gang warfare, where a group of criminals face off in battle to gain control over a certain strategic area.